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ComplianceEase ("ComplianceEase"), a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc. ("LSI") provides its automated compliance services ("Services") to you through its website (or such other website through which LSI may elect to provide the Services, the "Website"). Provision of the Services by ComplianceEase is subject to the terms of use set forth in this document ("Terms of Use").


By subscribing for Services or accessing the Website, you are subject to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws, as well as to the terms and conditions of any other written agreement between you and LSI relating to the provision of the Services (a "Definitive Agreement"). In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Use and the terms of an effective Definitive Agreement between you and LSI, the terms of such Definitive Agreement shall govern. These Terms of Use are applicable to all information accessed on or received through the Website and you agree to assume sole responsibility for compliance with these Terms of Use. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, any future changes or additions to the Services, including new features that augment or enhance the current Services, will be subject to these Terms of Use.

In addition, you will be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to these Services that ComplianceEase may from time to time post on the Website or otherwise communicate to you. Any such guidelines or rules and ComplianceEase's Privacy Statement and Security Statement shall each be deemed part of these Terms of Use.


(a) You are solely responsible for complying with all laws, rules, regulations, and/or other legal requirements applicable to your use of the Services, including without limitation those related to consumer privacy. You may not use any Service in any manner that violates any law, rule, regulation or other legal requirement or the rights of any third party.

(b) You acknowledge that ComplianceEase may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the Services. You further acknowledge that ComplianceEase reserves the right to change these general practices and limits from time to time by notification and delivery to you of revised user instructions. You acknowledge that ComplianceEase reserves the right to disable accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time.

(c) You agree, for yourself and for any party acting by or through you:

     i. not to frame, or assist third parties in framing, any of the Web pages contained in or presented through this Website; and
     ii. not to remove or obscure copyright notices contained on data or documentation received from ComplianceEase (whether though the Services or otherwise).


Pursuant to a Definitive Agreement with LSI, you will be permitted a specified number of users under your account with ComplianceEase. You are solely responsible for the security of ComplianceEase User Name(s) and Password(s) issued to you and LSI shall have no liability for any losses, claims or damages incurred as a result of any loss, theft or misuse of User Name(s) and Password(s), unless such loss, theft, or misuse is caused by LSI, its employees, or agents. You will be responsible for all electronic communications, including account registration and other user information, e-mail, and other data ("Electronic Communications") entered through or under your User Names and Passwords. Unless it has actual knowledge of fraudulent activity, ComplianceEase will presume that any Electronic Communications it receives under your User Names and Passwords has been sent by you. You agree to notify ComplianceEase immediately if you become aware of any loss or theft or unauthorized use of any of your User Names and/or Passwords.


The security of your entered data may be maintained through the use of data encryption, data security protocols, Passwords and other methods that LSI may employ, or that LSI may suggest or require that you employ. You agree that LSI has no responsibility or liability either for the deletion or failure to store any data transmitted by you or anyone else to the Services, or the operation, or failure, or weakness, of any data encryption, data security protocols, Passwords or other security methods employed by LSI.


In accessing and utilizing the Services, you agree to use software produced by third parties, including but not limited to "browser" software, that supports a data security protocol compatible with the protocol used by ComplianceEase. Until notified otherwise by ComplianceEase, you agree to use software that supports the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol or other protocols accepted by ComplianceEase and to follow the Website sign-in procedures for Services that support such protocols. You acknowledge that LSI is not responsible for notifying you of any upgrades, fixes, or enhancements to any such software or for any compromise of data transmitted across computer networks or telecommunications facilities, including but not limited to the Internet. You acknowledge that it is possible that Electronic Communications may be accessed by unauthorized third parties when communicated between you and the Website using the Internet, other network communications facilities, telephones, or any other electronic means.


The Website may contain links to third party Internet sites or other resources. The linked sites are not under the control of LSI and LSI is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. LSI does not endorse companies or products to which it may link, and does not warrant that a linked site will not contain computer viruses or other harmful code that can impact your computer or other Web-access device. By using the Website to search for or link to another site, you agree and understand that such use is entirely at your own risk, and that you may not make any claim against LSI for any damages or losses whatsoever resulting from such use.


The terms "ComplianceEase", "LogicEase", and "ComplianceAnalyzer", the ComplianceEase logo, the LogicEase logo and other LSI trademarks, service marks, logos and product and service names are registered and unregistered marks of LogicEase Solutions Inc. ("LogicEase Marks"). You agree not to display or use the LogicEase Marks in any manner without the prior written permission of ComplianceEase.

Contents of the Website are copyright © 2002-2010 by LogicEase Solutions Inc. All rights reserved. The foregoing claim of copyright covers everything you see or read on the Website unless otherwise noted, including without limitation, the designs, graphics, underlying HTML text and organization of all databases.


LSI may modify these Terms of Use at any time with or without notice to you. You confirm your acceptance of the modification by continuing to use the Services and/or the Website following such modification.

The laws of the State of California, without reference to its laws on choice of law, govern the validity, construction, performance, and enforcement of these Terms Of Use. You agree that the federal and state courts within San Francisco, California, have exclusive jurisdiction and venue over all controversies in connection with these Terms of Use and hereby (i) submit to such jurisdiction and venue and waive the defense of forum non conveniens and (ii) consent to the service of process in any such action by registered mail, return receipt requested, or by any other means provided by law.

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